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I will be having two shows back to back in the months of February and March,  both in Sacramento.  February’s show “Beyond Reality “ will at the Temporary Contemporary and will feature the following artists: Kim Scott, Robert Bowen, Carrie Cottini, Marty Gessler and TOYROOM .  This show will have an opening on February 11th from 6-9p.m.  March’s show is  titled  “50” it’s going to be one of  those landmark birthday blow out shows.  Fe Gallery will be hosting the event which will feature 20+ of some of Sacramento’s best artists: Skinner, Km Scott, Kepi,  Stephanie Skalisky, Mick Sheldon, Bruce Gossett, Paul Imagine, Andy Steele, Gale Hart,  Mark Fox, Ianna Frisby, Danny Sheible,  Gioia Fonda, Jose Di Gregorio, Nathan Cordero,  Melanie Bown and a few more artists from the S,F, Bay Area: Matt136, Robert Bowen and Carrie Cottini.  This show will also feature some awesome Sacramento musicians as well: Kevin and Allyson Seconds, Bobby Jordan, Jackson Griffith and Andy Sheppard.  This show will  open March 10th, from 6-10p.m.  Please follow the links that are provided for Temporary Contemporary and Fe Gallery to find out more.


February-P.O.C. / March-50/Sacramento

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